WHY CANADA? TV and film production has thrived in Canada for years. At 9.9 million square kilometers, Canada offers an incredible range of natural landscapes, a changing, seasonal climate, charming villages and world-class cities that can fit any production needs your vision requires. A magnificent country to shoot in its' own right, for many years commercial and feature-length productions have also capitalized on Canada's unique ability to double for numerous locations in Europe, the United States and even Asia.

With a current exchange rate of 76 US cents to 1 Canadian dollar, American companies can also find great savings on their production budgets without a sacrifice in quality. When you combine the benefits of a long-established production industry with savings of nearly 30%, there has never been a better time to shoot your next project in Canada.

WHY TORONTO? Also known as "Hollywood North", Toronto has been a booming Film and Television production hub for decades. With a flourishing creative culture and highly skilled crews, it's no surprise that production in Toronto has grown into a $1 billion+ industry. Toronto is a full service production jurisdiction, employing over 25,000 people and offering some of the best production and post-production resources in the world.

As North America's 4th largest city, Toronto is also one of the most racially and ethnically diverse locales on the continent, providing you with a rich talent pool of union and non-union options for your production.

Toronto's incredible skyline and urban setting offer amazing options for metropolitan area shoots (the city has doubled as New York in many productions) and just outside the city center are quiet suburbs, and beautiful forests, lakes, farmlands and natural parks. Combine this with 4 distinct seasons and Free Society's incredible service and facilities, and you have a near-infinite number of possibilities for your next production.

This creative and industrious climate is the one we grew up in, and instilled in us the skills, passion and expertise we bring to each project.

WHY FREE SOCIETY? Free Society is Canada's premier Food & Table Top production company and represents the nation's best directors in this genre. With over 20 years experience producing in dozens of countries, we've handled everything from shoestring to 7-figure budgets. We know how to execute complete production and project management, and how to quickly adapt to changing priorities and circumstances. We've worked with union and non-union talent, celebrities and professional athletes, and we bring our whole selves to the table to make your product come alive on the screen.

We provide clients with a complete, turnkey solution for their production needs. We are the only production company in Toronto with 2000 square-feet of dedicated production office space and a 3000 square-foot insert stage, fully stocked with the latest professional equipment and high-tech toys.

We also have a full commercial test kitchen perfectly suited to all manner of table top food-based storytelling.

We have the experience to service any type of commercial production, anywhere in the country. No matter how big or small your project, Free Society provides you with the ideal canvas to craft a finished project you'll be proud to show to your customers and clients.

Contact us today and let us share your product with the world.

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